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Paying us for your order in advance is safe

Money concerns are common for many students: that’s why we work hard to ensure your financial safety. When you place an order, you must pay before receiving the final essay: but you shouldn’t worry about emergencies and other issues that might spoil your experience. According to our money-back guarantee, you’ll receive your payment back if something goes wrong. You can receive a full or partial refund: just contact our customer support representatives through chat, email, or phone, and explain your situation.

First, you can get your whole payment back if you haven’t approved your order yet, and you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the completed essay. However, note that we will post this paper online for commercial purposes since you’ve rejected it. Still, if you’ve already approved your order, don’t worry: in the next 14 days, you can receive a partial refund. Just send a message with an explanation to our managers and receive a detailed response on your problem.

Work with us without ever worrying about your funds

If you wish to check if our money-back guarantee suits your needs, check the following list. We’ve selected the most common reasons when this guarantee comes into action: for more details, you can contact our customer service representatives.

  • Depending on the time when you cancel your order, you can get a full or partial refund. Hence, if you don’t need your paper anymore, don’t hesitate and inform us ASAP.
  • If we can’t find a suitable expert to write your paper (an extremely uncommon situation as we have a lot of various specialists), we will return your payment in full.
  • If your paper is late, we will partially refund your order depending on the de facto delivery time.
  • If you accidentally place two identical orders, contact us immediately to receive a full refund of the second purchase. If we already assign the writer, you’ll be able to receive only part of your money back as they’ll have already started working on your paper.