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Read this page and learn about placing an order and receiving a high-quality sample for your academic needs!

If you’ve decided to purchase essays from us, you may want to know about the process you have to go through as a potential customer. Knowing all the steps will help you not to feel overwhelmed; if you want, you can always consider some preparations beforehand: for example, maybe you’d like to clarify instructions for your order, or you need to check whether your credit card still works. With this short list, you’d know whether you can start with a better academic life right now! 

1. List all the vital information in the order form

There’s a form for you to fill out once you click on the order button. You can choose the number of pages and sources for your expert to use, the college level, and the deadline. These things are critical. Remember that all instructions should be mindful: for example, you won’t get 20 pages written in 3 hours. After that, attach the files with everything you think will help us deliver better results for you. 

2. Sign up or log in

You have to be authorized to work with us; that’s why if you don’t have an account on our website, you’ll need to create it. It will help you track your order’s progress. Give only the information we ask for; we promise to contact you only when needed. It’ll also ensure that we can ask you to clarify something if needed. 

3. Pay for your paper

After registration or logging in, you’ll be directed to the page where you have to give your credit card data to pay for it. It’s similar to other online purchases, so don’t worry about complications. 

4. Wait for the order to be done 

During this stage, you don’t have to do anything but just be here for your expert to answer their questions if any arise. Just make sure to check your phone or email regularly.

5. Get a 100% original paper

Again, you just have to wait until our plagiarism checker processes your paper. We want you to have a unique experience with plag-free writing in your hands. After that, we send it to you.

6. Check and approve your order

Once you receive your order, you can look at it in a preview version. Please check carefully and compare it to the instructions you sent us. This way, you will receive and download your paper after you see that it’s entirely suitable for your standards. 

That’s all! Now you know what to do to place your order on our website.